Whether you're hitting the gym or just going for a run, it's important to wear shorts that are designed for your activity. Shape editors weigh in on their favorite athletic shorts for every type of workout: from yoga to HIIT and everything in between.

Best for Running


Running shorts are designed to be comfortable, breathable, and form-fitting. They should also be durable, water-resistant, reflective, and moisture-wicking. A good pair will have a wide waistband that won't ride down when you're running or exercising in any other way. The best running shorts for women are meant to stay put while you work out without sacrificing comfort or support—so you can get on with your life!

Best for HIIT

Best for HIIT

HIIT is a high-intensity interval training workout. The acronym stands for “high intensity,” and it refers to the fact that you can push your body harder than normal during a workout, as long as you give it some time to recover in between.

HIIT workouts are ideal for people who want to improve their fitness or burn fat. But they’re also great for anyone looking to improve their cardiovascular health by increasing their heart rate and strengthening the muscles in their chest, arms, and legs. For HIIT you can preferably choose any comfortable shorts made up of polyester or even spandex which can be reliable while doing heavy workouts. Unpar has shorts made up of Microfibre, soft to touch yet strong. 

Best for Yoga


For yoga, we recommend shorts made from a stretchy fabric—like nylon or spandex—that are lightweight and airy. These materials allow you to move freely during your practice without feeling restricted or weighed down. The shorts should also be durable enough that they don't rip or tear when you're stretching into your splits, but not so thick that they feel heavy on your skin when you're doing sun salutations.

Finally, look for seams that are flat and won't rub against the skin as much as possible (this is especially important if you have sensitive areas). If possible, choose shorts with pockets deep enough so that nothing falls out while in the downward dog position!

Best for: Cross-Training, Weight Training

The best shorts for cross-training and weight training are the ones that fit you perfectly. It's important to find a pair that's flattering and comfortable, so you can focus on your workout instead of worrying about whether or not your shorts will fall off during your next set.

The first step in choosing the right pair of shorts? Make sure they're made with moisture-wicking fabric (like nylon or polyester) and have at least one pocket. This ensures that the material won't weigh down when you're sweating through those last few reps at the gym.

You need a pair of shorts designed to keep you comfortable while working out.

A pair of athletic shorts are not the cheapest purchase you can make. But they can be worth it if they serve your needs well, plus last for years and years.

Athletic shorts are a little different from regular cotton shorts when it comes to fit and style. They should be tight enough to hold everything in place during activity, but loose enough that air can move around them as you work out. They shouldn't stick or chafe anywhere on the body either!

The best athletic shorts have grippy material on their inner thighs so they stay put during squats or lunges without sliding down. And if the waistband is too tight or uncomfortable, it'll ruin your workout before it even begins—so make sure whatever pair you choose has plenty of space where all the movement can happen!


The best shorts for you should be the ones that are comfortable, durable, and fit well. And whether you’re a runner, yogi, or just looking to get in some cardio at home, there is no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect pair! 

We hope this list has helped you find your next favorite pair of shorts so keep on working out! Check out the latest collections of shorts for women only on Unpar and give your fitness wardrobe an upgrade this season. Happy shopping!