Hitting the gym or working out consistently is a huge commitment! We often snooze our morning alarm under the pretext of sleeping for a few more minutes and eventually end up missing the morning workout. The temptation to grab that early morning sleep often pushes us into a guilt trap for breaking the promise of never skipping the gym. 

However, what you need is the motivation to wake up on time to make it to your workout session. And that motivation comes from having the right activewear like gym tights for outfit for physical activities is a must. Fortunately, with the ongoing trend of hitting the gym, workout wear has become a wardrobe staple in mainstream fashion. 

If you are on the quest to find that perfect activewear to regularize your daily workout routine, look no further than Unpar’s women category assortment that adds a whole new dimension to workouts by blending comfort with style. Their female activewear collection includes bottom wear like gym tights for women, topwear, accessories, tracksuits and more. 

Unveiling the Perfect Women’s Gym Wear: An Ultimate Guide 

Unveiling the Perfect Women’s Gym Wear: An Ultimate Guide

What are the attributes that make the best gym leggings? To find out, we have listed a few checklists to help you find your perfect fit. 

Check the Fabric 

Gym attire is supposed to keep your body comfortable and dry while working out. While buying gym tights for women, always opt for the polyester blend material as they are supposed to soak the sweat during intense workouts. The fabric should be breathable to keep your body calm and cool even if you are sweating while moving.

To test if your activewear is sustainable or not, you can place a few drops of water on the fabric and check if it's shrinking or absorbing the water. This is what premium quality gym wear is made up of. Unpar takes pride in making gym leggings with extensive craftsmanship. Their fabric is stretchable and made up of light fabric. 


Form and Fit 

When it comes to having gym wear clothes, comfort is the key. They should neither be too baggy nor too tight. Workout clothes are supposed to provide ease and comfort to the body while you are exercising or playing any sport. The choice of gym wear depends on the type of workout. For example, if you are undergoing any extensive training in a gym which requires holding dumbbells or running on the treadmill, always go with high-waisted gym tights for ladies. 

High-waisted gym leggings are supposed to provide extra support to the body in all the right places. The seamless finish makes you look slim and smoothen your figure. High-waist leggings look great with anything you wear but look the best if paired with a crop top or a sports bra for workouts. 


Durable Gym Wear 

When you hit the gym, wearing the right set of clothes matters a lot as it not only boosts confidence but also helps with building focus while working out and improves performance. You don’t have to spend a fortune on buying premium quality gym clothes. They are affordable and meticulously crafted to long last, providing a second-skin feel and a seamless finish that won't cause any irritation. Therefore, it is always advisable to make a smart investment in durable yet cost-effective gym wear. 

Price & Value 

While buying any product, we completely understand that price plays a significant role in making the buying decision. The selling price of a product directly correlates with the value it provides to the customer. The same implies while shopping for gym wear. One of the best ways to justify the price and value of workout outfits is by researching the online presence of the brand and reading product reviews. Check for the latest design and the price offered. Now compare it with the offline price and make decisions accordingly. 

Explore the Most Loved Women’s Gym Tights by Unpar 


Women’s Black Tights 
Women’s Black Tights

A pair of black leggings are a staple in every gym-going woman’s wardrobe. Unpar’s black leggings are a great addition to the activewear collection. They are made up of high-quality and stretchable fabric and offer exceptional comfort. They have a high-rise waist design and skinny fit, helping you look your best while working out. Its material is thick enough to give full coverage and help the body to move freely while working out.

Women’s Solid Grey Leggings 

The Unpar SG Women’s solid leggings are another great addition to the activewear collection. This gym tight for women is available in grey color which is perfect for summer workouts. They don’t make you feel uncomfortable and tend to flatten the body without highlighting the curves. No matter if you are working out in a gym or going for a run, these leggings will make you look and feel your best. 

Women’s Capri Leggings 

Women’s Capri Leggings

When it comes to picking gym clothes, women often get tempted to buy capri leggings because they are bored of wearing the same full-length tights. Capri leggings can be referred to as any leggings that cut between the knee and ankle. These leggings are ideal for doing yoga, and can also be used as workout wear. They are supportive, made up of breathable fabric and body hugging that flattens the tummy. The fabric is designed to wick away moisture and ensure cool and dry comfort. 



While working out, instead of throwing on any old t-shirt and sweatpants, it is important to wear appropriate clothes. The gym attire is supposed to give the appropriate comfort to the body, especially the bottom wear. The key is to be comfortable, practical and comfortable while choosing the right gym tights for women. The gym attire should neither be too baggy nor too tight since you would want to breathe freely while working out. This is why you should keep a note of these handy tips while buying workout clothes, especially gym tights